In this Grindhouse style feature, two gun runnin’, drug smugglin’ brothers terrorize their way out of Mexico through Texas with a hellbent sheriff hot on their tails! Blood! Babes! Booze! and Bullets! showcase this depraved tale of murder and revenge that’s so shocking you may never recover!!

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  1. Holy shit you’re going for it dude! This is awesome. Just watched the clip of you getting raped. Never thought a scene like that would put a smile on me face. I’m not sure how I feel about writing that either. Um. . . . and my delete key is broken. Convenient.

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      1. God I’d love to. If you ever shoot anything up in the New Jersey area I’d be down. (Heard you were looking at a job in this part of the country?)

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      2. Sounds good!!!

        I am – I interviewed with a company that’s HQ-d there and they want to bring me up for a face to face interview when this one dude gets back from sick leave –


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