Hi there! Welcome to the official site of the movie RAISING HELL! Stay tuned for updates on the making of the Kickstarter Trailer, film shoots and any information on the project that I can offer. There won’t be a daily post here like there is on theipc.me but I’ll try and keep everyone who’s interested updated as often as possible! Be sure to check out the “about” page and I do hope you give us a follow!

X X X from the RAISING HELL team!

27 thoughts on “RAISING HELL!

    1. Thank you sir!!! I might need to ash for your services but I don’t know if I’m skilled enough to edit what I’m looking for in….


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      1. Let me continue to think this out but I am thinking 30 seconds of drumming over the footage is what I am looking for but I can’t think of how to type it out – obviously I couldn’t pay you for anything right now aside from putting your name in the credits…

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      2. BAH! I don’t play drums for money. I do it cos I love it. Perhaps we can skype one time and you can describe it to me verbally what you’re after?

        Is it a beat you want, or more like some rumbling on the toms, tribal sounding type stuff?

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      3. I remember now! You know that clacking sound they do when the “It” is coming? I’m thinking something like that….

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